Grocery Shopping Online During Shelter-In-Place Order

Dated: March 30 2020

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Grocery Box

I wanted to share my experience with grocery shopping in the wake of the Covid pandemic.  Having never put in an online order for groceries, no time is a better time than during a pandemic, when the system is overloaded with people doing the same thing.

I wanted to continue shopping at my favorite grocery store that is 100% organic, Natural Grocers.  Some people had recommended I use but when I set up my account, I found that they did not service Natural Grocers.  I discovered that offers delivery for many of the stores that I shop at including pet stores, Costco, and Natural Grocers, so I went with them.

My main concerns would be the delivery delay, and replacement items for low inventory.  When I started loading my virtual shopping cart, I saw that there would be a five day delay.  As I entered items, it would suggest a replacement item in the case they run out of the item I selected.  I chose replacement items for most items.  When I was ready to put in the order, it was around 9pm, and it did not allow me to pick a delivery time.  The next morning I completed my order, once it was again within store hours.  It's kind of strange that you can't put an online order outside of store hours, but that seems to be how it works.

Over the next two days I kept thinking of things to add to the list, and the website allowed me to do that very easily up until the moment it would be delivered.  I also noticed that if I checked the website early enough in the day, I could change my delivery time to "same day".  So after a couple days, I selected same day, and received my order within a couple hours.  The delivery guy brought my groceries to the door in two cardboard boxes.

Sadly, they were out of ice cream, hamburger buns, and Beyond burgers.  At least they didn't give me buns and no burgers!  They also replaced our much tastier tangelos with run of the mill oranges.  Otherwise the order came in as directed.  Let me know your experience.  Have you used a grocery delivery service?  If you used it before the outbreak, have you noticed a change in service? 

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